Botox Choices Can Mean Educated Beauty

Posted on Jan 27,2015 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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As the use of Botox has become more prevalent, women are finding more opportunities to try out this youth enhancing technique.  From initial applications that were once only available through high end spas and cosmetic surgeons, Botox use has now spread to parties and in-home injections that are a part of social gatherings.  However, women should be aware that not all injections are created equally, and also that not all doctors are the same when it comes to administering injections.

One of the first things to make sure of is that a certified dermatologist or licensed medical doctor is performing the injections.  This will include checking into background licensing for giving Botox shots, and verifying that the individual is registered and qualified to be giving cosmetic injections.  These points will include:

• Knowledge of facial musculature
• Providing background in cases where allergic reaction can be an issue
• Maintaining sterile equipment, environment, and procedures

Beyond the person who is giving the actual injection, the formulation of the Botox or filler can also be an important factor to consider.  Brand name Botox is a specific type of botulinum that is developed for cosmetic use.  However, even this formulation can result in side effects if a client is taking certain medications or even supplements.  For this reason, it is also important that the physician administering the injections does a full background to determine if there is any likelihood of reactions.

Other injections that also use botulinum can be highly effective, but it is still important to become educated about both the cosmetic chemicals that are being used as well as the knowledge and experience of the person who is administering them.  With this type of cosmetic procedure, it is always good to realize that a cheaper variation will not necessarily generate the same results.  When it comes to facial appearance, it is vitally necessary to ensure that the results will be the desired outcome.

Accent On You provides Botox injections, as well as other fillers and cosmetic services.  To gain the best education about the options that will give the most beneficial results, we invite clients to fill out our contact form, and schedule an appointment or consultation today. 

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