Tips for Skincare During the Summer Months

Tips for Skincare During the Summer Months

The summer can be a hot and damaging season, especially for your skin. Proper skin care is essential year-round but giving your skin some extra love during the harsh summer months is always a bright idea.

Tip 1: Stay Hydrated!

It is a common misconception that staying hydrated has nothing to do with your skin. It does, indeed, have everything to do with the rejuvenation of the skin. To keep your skin looking healthy and to gain that “summer shimmer,” it is best to keep that water bottle filled and by your side as much as possible.

Tip 2: Sunglasses!

It is true that oversized sunglasses are in again this year, with the likes of Kendal Jenner and Kim Kardashian sporting their large shades. Even aviator styles are rounder and bigger this year. All of this is great news for your eyes. Prolonged UV exposure can redden the whites of eyes, just as the sun can burn skin. Over time, this can cause eye problems, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Sunglasses are an essential part of your summer skincare routine.

Tip 3: Wear A Hat!

If you tend to garden or just hang out in the sun for multiple hours a day, it is recommended you wear sun protection, such as a hat. Our hair is not the best scalp sun protection, but a hat provides total coverage. Hats can be fashionable, so pick one up next time you’re downtown or at your favorite store.

Tip 4: Sunscreen, Always!

Sunscreen is required in more instances than when you are hanging out at the beach or by the lake. Sunscreen should be used daily as it not only hydrates your skin but protects you from sunburn and skin cancer. The average high temperature in Arlington and Fort Worth this summer is expected to be 100+ degrees, which means plenty of sunshine, so be sure you’re protected in more ways than one.

Accent On You offers a variety of skincare treatments that can help improve the look of your skin. If you live in the Fort Worth or Arlington area, contact us for more information.

Written by Dr. Anthony Nakamura

What Is It Like to Get Injections for the First Time?

Every year when spring rolls around, we clean out our cabinets, cut our hair, and update our wardrobes. However, it can be hard to fix up our physiques. While exercise and healthy diets are always beneficial, they can only take you so far. It is only natural to want to have an appearance that keeps up with your lifestyle, and to do this we can turn to cosmetic procedures. Getting into the world of cosmetic procedures can be intimidating; there are so many kinds of procedures, each with their own benefits. A great place to start is with injections. Quick, minimally invasive, and easy, injections can help you get the appearance that keeps up with your lifestyle.

What happens during the procedure? Injectables, Arlington

One of the great things about injections is that they are a nonsurgical procedure. The whole procedural process can be completed in 30 minutes or less. No more painful than a shot, the injection is given through a thin, fine needle after the target area is disinfected and numbed. In no time, you can be back and better than ever with a look that reflects your beauty.

What will be the results?

Unlike many procedures, injections require very little recovery time. Even if it is your first time getting injections, you only have to lie low for about 24 hours. Simply sit back and relax while you let yourself heal, and you can be back to your usual routine. With minimal recovery time as well as minimal side effects, injections are great for people with a busy schedule who still want to achieve the look they have been dreaming of. While some soreness and swelling may occur, this is most often short lasting and not too painful.

When it comes to injections, why wait? Don’t be afraid to take control of your look. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Accent On You, serving Arlington and Fort Worth, TX at (817) 417- 7200.

Written by Dr. Anthony Nakamura

Your consultation: It’s our job to make you feel right at home

CoolSculpting in DallasThere is nothing worse than leaving an appointment feeling like your thoughts and concerns were not heard.  Pursuing cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and at Accent on You we take the questions and opinions of our patients very seriously.

An informed decision is the best decision, and therefore we take our time to give each and every patient the most comprehensive information on the procedures that they are considering.  We also personalize our care to the individual, to make sure they are comfortable and happy.

We are very honest with our patients as to what they can expect the outcome to be for procedures they are considering, and suggest alternative procedures when we see necessary. We will also do a thorough review of their health history and current state of health to make sure they will not be at risk during any chosen procedure.

In order to relieve any anxiety, patients are welcome to tour our Surgery Center so that they will be familiar with the areas in which their surgery and recovery will be taking place.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Nakamura, call the Accent on You Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medi-Spa at 817-417-7200.  Due to its location, the office is best suited for residents in the Ft. Worth, Arlington, and surrounding communities of Texas.


Written by Dr. Anthony Nakamura

Coolsculpting reveals the shape you’ve worked hard for

CoolSculpting in DallasIt is hard to think of a feeling more frustrating than putting in time at the gym only to STILL having lingering fat deposits! But did you know that for some individuals, an active lifestyle and healthy diet alone are not enough to combat stubborn fat deposits? If you’re having trouble burning off the fat, consider freezing it instead!

Scientists at Harvard University developed CoolSculpting®; a process that targets fat cells and freezes them to the point of destroying them. The process is patented and FDA-cleared, and we can assure you that the surrounding cells, tissue, and muscle will remain safe and untouched!

CoolSculpting® is not meant as a means of losing weight for the obese, but rather is intended for individuals 18 and over who are in good health, but have noticeable pockets of fat in certain regions of the body.  Well-known examples of this are the notorious “love handles.”

The procedure only takes about an hour of time, and aside from some possible temporary pain, there is virtually no downtime.  You’ll be excited to hear that not only is there an immediately noticeable reduction of fat following the procedure, but there will also be continuous improvements for a few months afterwards as the body continues to rid itself of the unwanted fat!  Buy this treatment for yourself as a gift that keeps on giving!

This is not a procedure that must be repeated often for desired results.  In fact, if a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the results of CoolSculpting® will be long-term.  If you would like to see some real-life examples, go to our website gallery for before and after pictures of patients that have received CoolSculpting® treatments.

To set up a consultation about CoolSculpting®, call Accent on You at 817-417-7200. Treatments at this office are ideal for residents in the Arlington, Ft. Worth, and surrounding communities of Texas.

Written by Dr. Anthony Nakamura

A few great ways to splurge with your tax refund

Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, TXAlthough most people dread the paperwork of filing taxes, we can all agree that getting that refund in the mail makes up for the hassle! Have you thought about how you’ll be spending your tax refund this year? Why not treat yourself to some spa products or body enhancing procedures? Accent on You’s Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medi-Spa can provide you with a variety of options depending on how much you’d like to spend!

At Accent on You, spa products run at around $100 and are a great way to use your refund to treat yourself. Some options include Pigment Balancing Masques to improve uneven skin tone, or MicroPeels to reduce signs of aging or acne.

If you’re interested in something a little more drastic, consider Botox, Filler, or Micropen treatments, which run at about $500. Each of these options will give you a noticeably younger and radiant appearance, while maintaining little to no downtime for recovery.

Some further options include Laser Hair Removal and CoolSculpting, which cost around $1000. Think about how much money you’ll be saving never having to buy razors or waxing appointments again after getting Laser Treatments! Furthermore, you can’t put a price on the confidence that you’ll have in your body after the CoolSculpting procedures.

Lastly, for those who really want to splurge and see drastic results, surgeries can be done for around $5000, including but not limited to Breast Augmentations or Reductions, Liposuction, and Tummy Tucks.

A discussion with Dr. Nakamura can help you decide exactly which procedure is the best fit for what you are hoping to accomplish. Give his Ft. Worth, TX office a call at 817-417-7200 to set up your consultation!

Written by Dr. Anthony Nakamura

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