Chemical Peel vs. Facial: Know the Difference

Posted on Jun 17,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXThe Accent On You team is glad to offer a full range of chemical peel and facial treatments that can help you rejuvenate your skin. One of the most important ways to get the most from your treatments is to select the perfect one for you!

Of course, we’ll be glad to consult with you and help you choose the option that will be best for your situation. One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is about the difference between a chemical peel and a facial.

While both of these treatments can be highly beneficial, they are also very different!

A Facial Is …

During a facial, we revitalize the sensitive skin of your face with a variety of safe and effective treatments. These treatments are nutrient rich and medical grade specially blended to help restore the youthful look of the face. A facial is “superficial” in the sense that most treatments used will sit on the surface layer of facial skin throughout the procedure.

After a successful facial, your skin has a radiant, glowing look. Skin may also feel softer and healthier. One of the top advantages of a facial is the deeply relaxing effect that it can have. By reducing the tension in the muscles of your face, you help discourage wrinkles.

A Chemical Peel Is …

A chemical peel is a much deeper form of treatment for your forehead, cheeks, chin, and more. The chemicals used in a peel are slightly stronger than those used in a facial, and will exfoliate skin by dissolving the damaged, upper layers.

There are many great advantages to a chemical peel that go above and beyond what you can expect from a facial. Sun damage, age spots, freckles, some acne, and fine wrinkles may all be reduced by a chemical peel.

Customers should expect a light tingling throughout the skin during a chemical peel. At Accent on You, we make adjustments to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. While a peel may not be as relaxing as a facial, it has many advantages a facial doesn’t!

At Accent On You, we are proud to offer the widest variety of safe and effective cosmetic procedures in the Arlington area. To set an appointment, fill out our simple online form. If you have questions, call or email us any time. We look forward to helping you look your best!

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