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Posted on Sep 30,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXAt Accent on You, we encounter many clients who feel embarrassed by sagging skin along the lower jaw and neckline. Although this appearance may be termed as having a double chin, it is not the same as the folds that can form from too much of a fat deposit in that area. This type of double chin is actually a reverse of that formation, since the delicate skin of the neck and jaw stretches over time, and will hang if there is not enough structure to fill it out.

Many women will try to hide this appearance through decorative scarves or turtlenecks, but this method is not a lasting remedy, and will often do nothing to boost confidence. The truth is that part of the reason sagging in this area can be so prominent is because the muscles along the neck and lower jaw receive less exercise than other areas of the body, and so tone can diminish very quickly over time.


Making Funny Faces

While it may sound strange to take the time to exercise this area, it does help to lessen the drooping of the skin and can make a difference in maintaining tone. One of the simplest ways to go about this is actually to make faces, so that you are scrunching and lengthening the muscles in the mouth area. Our clients are always amazed to feel just how quickly the facial muscles can get tired when you do this, but that is also a good indication as to how underworked they are.

Another simple exercise is called the swan neck. In this activity, the chin is first lifted towards the sky, and the mouth is then slowly opened and closed. After several rounds of these motions, the chin is then pointed downward, while still maintaining space between the chin and the neck. From this position, slowly turn the head side to side, in order to tone all of the muscles in the front of the neck and the lower jaw.


Keeping Up Appearances

These simple exercises can make a difference in reducing the appearance of a sagging neckline, but can also take time. However, they also work to maintain surgical procedures such as a facelift. The basic surgery will immediately tighten the skin and pull tone back into place all along the face and neck. This option can give fast results, and after you are fully healed, the exercises can be used to enhance the surgical effects.

In order to determine whether a facelift is the ideal solution to your sagging neckline, we encourage you to book an appointment through our website, so that you may receive a consultation and a full explanation of what to expect. This option can not only bring more youth to your face, but also give you a longer and more delicate appearance about the neck.

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