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Restylane® Lyft (Perlane) in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura, a board-certified plastic surgeon and recognized expert in plastic surgery and body contouring, offers Perlane® injections to the residents of Arlington, Dallas Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities in Texas.

Perlane (Restylane Lyft) in Fort Worth, TX

Restylane® Lyft, previously known as Perlane®, is a dermal filler that, upon injection into the skin with a very fine thin needle, can last up to nine months — much longer than some of the other treatments. Perlane®, which is manufactured by the same company that makes Restylane®, offers the most effective results when used for lip enhancement, filling in creases around the eyes, wrinkle correction, smile lines, and deep folds.

Who Is a Candidate for Perlane®?

Men and women, age 18 and older, who have mild facial problems, and maintain their skin health and lead a healthy lifestyle are good candidates for Perlane®.

The ConsultationPerlane (Restylane Lyft) in Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Nakamura and his certified nurse injector may ask you to avoid taking any medication that prolongs bleeding, such as aspirin or non-steroidal inflammatory (NSAIDS) medications for up to one week prior to treatment and for several days after treatment to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising. They also will review your medical history, including any current medications, and discuss with you what you can expect from treatment as well as your aesthetic goals.

What Can I Expect?

Injections are performed in the office and take about 30 minutes. You can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment is administered, though you may experience some redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site.

At Accent On You, we take pride in delivering the utmost quality of care with a personalized approach. Our patients in Arlington, Dallas Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities in Texas receive nothing but the most comprehensive information on the procedures we perform because we believe that an informed decision is the best decision.

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