5 Ways To Reduce Your Holiday Stress

Posted on Dec 09,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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The holiday season is upon us here at Accent on You, and one oft heard complaint we get from our clients is that their stress is taking a big toll on their body and their skin. The stress of the holiday season can come from a vast array of different sources, but there are ways to reduce this stress and allow yourself to have a more pleasant and enjoyable time during this part of the year. Our 5 ways to reduce holiday stress at Accent on You are:

1. Taking a hot bath – If you’re at home, and time allows it, taking a hot bath can be a major stress reliever. What makes this even better during the holiday season is that the chilly temperatures outside make getting into a warm tub that much cozier, and you’ll be able to feel your stress melt away instantaneously. Also, adding some aromatherapeutic salts or a bit of bubble bath can even help to reduce your stress even more!

2. Meditation – Taking time to meditate is a great way to relieve stress, as you can help to center yourself from the inside and cope with your busy schedule a bit better. For meditation, it’s best to find a quiet place even for a few minutes, and to simply clear your mind and enjoy the peace as it washes over you.

3. A trip to the spa – At Accent on You, this is one of our favorite methods! A trip to the spa for a facial or other service can really help to give you that quiet time you need to focus on you, and often that’s all that is required when you’re looking to relieve a bit of holiday stress! We offer a vast array of different facial and spa treatments, and our professionals can advise you on the best one to ease your tension!

4. Reading a good book – Reading a book can help you to get lost in another world, and this can be highly beneficial during times of high stress. Before you go to bed at night, picking up a book and diving into that world for an hour or so can help you to not only relieve your stress, but to sleep better as well.

5. Enjoying time with family – While the holidays are filled with family parties and shopping trips, sometimes we don’t simply sit back and enjoy our family time, as our minds are bogged down with other responsibilities or preparing for the next event. While you’re stressed, try to simply enjoy your family time, and it can serve as a huge help!

If you’re looking to relieve your holiday stress, give us a call at Accent on You today and we can get your relaxation process started!

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