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Posted on Dec 02,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXHave you noticed your skin becoming a little dull lately? Well, this could be due to sun damage from all of last summer’s fun, from the harsh wind and cold that comes along with the changing of the seasons, or from all of that holiday stress you may be feeling as the holiday season quickly approaches. Luckily, we at Accent on You have a December social media special going on to help you to get your brightness back, and we are offering our 45 minute brightening facial for just $65 during the month of December!

Our brightening facial is great for men and women alike, and the men in your life may not realize just how dull their skin can become, particularly if they’re regularly exposed to the elements. This is a facial perfect for all different skin types, and it can help to do away with the dull layers of damaged skin as it allows your fresh and bright appearance to shine through. Not only will your skin look brighter, but it will also look more even and toned with a radiant appearance, so this is a facial special that should certainly be considered no matter your particular skin concerns!

This brightening facial first uses lactic acid to increase your skin’s brightness and level of clarity, as it tones your skin and evens out dark or dull areas. Your skin will also be cleansed with a moisture rich cleanser to allow it to soak up the moisture it so desperately needs this time of year, and this process will also include an exfoliation in order to remove the dead skin cells resting on top and dulling out your skin. Once cleansed, moisturized, and exfoliated, you will then have a facial masque applied with the Ossential Skin Brightening Sheet using arbutin and green tea, and this step will give your skin a way to reduce the production of excess pigment as it also gains an extra bit of valuable moisture.

Our brightening facial is available all throughout the month of December for our social media special price of $65, and this is one particular facial that can really do away with the stressed out look of the holidays. If you’re interested in learning more about this special, or this facial, simply call us at Accent on You today to get started!

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