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Posted on Mar 15,2017 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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There is nothing worse than leaving an appointment feeling like your thoughts and concerns were not heard.  Pursuing cosmetic surgery is a big decision, and at Accent on You we take the questions and opinions of our patients very seriously.

An informed decision is the best decision, and therefore we take our time to give each and every patient the most comprehensive information on the procedures that they are considering.  We also personalize our care to the individual, to make sure they are comfortable and happy.

We are very honest with our patients as to what they can expect the outcome to be for procedures they are considering, and suggest alternative procedures when we see necessary. We will also do a thorough review of their health history and current state of health to make sure they will not be at risk during any chosen procedure.

In order to relieve any anxiety, patients are welcome to tour our Surgery Center so that they will be familiar with the areas in which their surgery and recovery will be taking place.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Nakamura, call the Accent on You Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medi-Spa at 817-417-7200.  Due to its location, the office is best suited for residents in the Dallas Fort Worth, Arlington, and surrounding communities of Texas.


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Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura is a recognized expert in plastic surgery and body contouring, providing excellent care while taking a personal approach with each and every patient.

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