What Is It Like to Get Injections for the First Time?

Posted on Apr 06,2017 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Every year when spring rolls around, we clean out our cabinets, cut our hair, and update our wardrobes. However, it can be hard to fix up our physiques. While exercise and healthy diets are always beneficial, they can only take you so far. It is only natural to want to have an appearance that keeps up with your lifestyle, and to do this we can turn to cosmetic procedures. Getting into the world of cosmetic procedures can be intimidating; there are so many kinds of procedures, each with their own benefits. A great place to start is with injections. Quick, minimally invasive, and easy, injections can help you get the appearance that keeps up with your lifestyle.

What happens during the procedure? Botox / Injectable Fillers in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

One of the great things about injections is that they are a nonsurgical procedure. The whole procedural process can be completed in 30 minutes or less. No more painful than a shot, the injection is given through a thin, fine needle after the target area is disinfected and numbed. In no time, you can be back and better than ever with a look that reflects your beauty.

What will be the results?

Unlike many procedures, injections require very little recovery time. Even if it is your first time getting injections, you only have to lie low for about 24 hours. Simply sit back and relax while you let yourself heal, and you can be back to your usual routine. With minimal recovery time as well as minimal side effects, injections are great for people with a busy schedule who still want to achieve the look they have been dreaming of. While some soreness and swelling may occur, this is most often short lasting and not too painful.

When it comes to injections, why wait? Don’t be afraid to take control of your look. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Accent On You, serving Arlington and Dallas Fort Worth, TX at (817) 417- 7200.

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