How Long Does a Mommy Makover Last?

Posted on Apr 08,2023 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Becoming a mother is a wonderful and transformative experience, but it can take a toll on your body. You’ve probably seen quite a few changes to different parts of your body as you’ve had kids. Restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy shape can be difficult through diet and exercise alone. That’s where a mommy makeover comes in. Let’s dive into what a mommy makeover includes, the recovery period, and how to maintain the results.

What Is A Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a customized set of procedures designed to restore your body’s pre-pregnancy shape. It typically includes breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. A breast reduction may also be included. It all depends on your needs and goals.

For the breast surgeries, incisions are usually made in the breast fold or around the areola so any scarring is less noticeable. A tummy tuck includes an incision made from hipbone to hipbone and with liposuction, an incision is made near the area of fat you’re looking to remove.

Throughout a mommy makeover, your surgeon will remove excess skin and fat from the areas of the body you’re looking to address and you are put under anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety.

At Accent On You, we believe every woman deserves to feel confident in her skin. That’s why we offer a personalized approach to each mommy makeover procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Nakamura will work with you to determine which procedures will help you achieve your desired results.

The Recovery Period

After a mommy makeover, it’s essential to allow your body to rest and recover fully. The recovery period can vary depending on the procedures performed, but most patients can expect to take two to three weeks off work. Additionally, it can take up to six weeks before you can return to your normal level of activity.

After the surgery, you’ll be given a compression garment and your incisions will be covered in bandages. Make sure you wear the compression garment for as long as necessary. It promotes blood circulation and helps reduce swelling.

You will also likely feel sore for the first few days following surgery but this can be managed with pain medication. Make sure you approve any medication you’re taking with your doctor.

After a few days, you can begin walking. It will help with healing and reduce the chance of blood clots. After six weeks, you will likely begin noticing your results and they will only improve after that.

You will also have a few post-op appointments to ensure you’re healing well and that there are no complications.

How To Maintain Mommy Makeover Results

How long the results of your Mommy Makeover last will depend on several different factors, including your age, lifestyle, and overall health. But there are a few tips you can follow to help ensure you maintain the results of the procedure for as long as possible.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

The first and perhaps most important step to maintaining your mommy makeover results is to follow a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating a balanced diet, sleeping well, and exercising regularly.

A balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy weight, while exercise will help you stay toned and firm. But make sure to also follow your surgeon’s instructions. Don’t start exercising until your surgeon gives you the go-ahead.

Wear a Compression Garment

After the surgery, your surgeon will recommend wearing a compression garment to help reduce swelling and promote healing. It’s important to wear this garment for as long as your surgeon recommends. The compression garment will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible in the first few days after surgery and will help reduce any bruising you may have.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol can negatively affect healing and increase the risk of complications. It’s important to avoid all nicotine and drinking alcohol for one month before and after the surgery. If you’re a smoker, quitting smoking altogether will not only improve your recovery from a mommy makeover but also benefit your overall health and the health of people around you.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

This is probably the most important thing you can do. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions for your recovery after surgery. Follow them as best as you can. These instructions are meant to ensure you heal properly and can decrease the risk of any complications.

The instructions might include how to wash or take care of your incisions, a timetable for when you can return to work or exercise, and how to manage any discomfort you may be having. If a question comes up that’s not part of the instructions, make sure to call your doctor and they will be able to answer any issues you may have.

Maintain a Healthy Mindset

Maintaining a healthy mindset is also important after a mommy makeover. Focus on the positive changes the procedure has made to your body and don’t compare yourself to others. By maintaining a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your mommy makeover for years to come.

It’s also important to understand that, while a mommy makeover can provide significant improvements, it’s not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. As noted above, a healthy lifestyle is vital to maintaining your results.

Schedule a Consultation

If a mommy makeover sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nakamura at Accent On You. Dr. Nakamura is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in mommy makeover surgeries. During your consultation, he will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that will help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

To schedule your consultation today, contact our Arlington, TX office at 817-417-7200 or use our online form.



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