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Posted on Jul 29,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Frown lines are something that can plague all faces, whether male, female, younger, or older, and they can be caused by a myriad of reasons. Not only those who frown are susceptible to frown lines, and these naturally occurring lines within the face can cause you to age your look significantly if not taken care of. Dehydration and skin dryness are two of the most common causes of frown lines, and our Dysport process at Accent on You can help you to get rid of these frown lines once and for all, leaving you with a healthier and younger looking face.

Our board certified plastic surgeon is tasked with administering Dysport to all of our interested clients, and this is a process that is not something to be feared. The first step in receiving Dysport is a consultation with the doctor to review a past health history and determine if Dysport is the right solution for you in order to rid yourself of frown lines once and for all.

If Dysport is found to be the solution you’ve been looking for, your following appointment will be the day you receive your treatment.

What Does Dysport entail?

Receiving Dysport is nothing to fear, and the entire process only lasts for 10 to 20 minutes depending on your skin needs and the severity of the lines. Dysport will be injected in five separate points between and above your eyebrows in order to reduce the muscle activity within the area and reduce the lines being shown. This is a treatment that can be done once every 90 days should you see fit, and this reduction in muscle activity helps to reduce frown lines as it simultaneously stops them from getting worse.

There are some small side effects associated with Dysport, and these can range from headache and injection site irritation to slight nausea. Due to the differences in bodies, each person will react differently to Dysport in terms of side effects, but the majority of patients who receive Dysport don’t find that the effects cause them to regret their decision to undergo the process.

If your frown lines have become bothersome to you, Dysport may be your answer, and you can set up a consultation by contacting us and filling out a form at Accent on You today!

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