Scheduling Plastic Surgery: Planning Your Procedure

Posted on Jan 21,2020 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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When getting plastic surgery, it is important to note what time of year your procedure should be done. Depending on your goals, you may want to wait for a certain time of year to get surgery. This is because some surgeries require longer healing times, leave visible scars, and may cause swelling. Planning for your procedure involves looking at how much time you can take off from work, how much recovery time is necessary, and preparing yourself for the surgery.

At Accent On You, we recommend that patients plan certain surgeries during different times in the year. Some more invasive procedures are best done during the Winter months whereas other minimally invasive treatments can be scheduled during the Summer months.

Winter Months

The cold months are very popular times to get a plastic surgery procedure done. There are multiple reasons why this is true. More people have time off during the holidays, so they do not need to take as many vacations or sick days. Also, the cold weather allows the freedom to wear bulkier clothing like sweaters and sweatpants in order to conceal any swelling or bruising. Another reason why many people get plastic and cosmetic surgery during the Winter is to help with healing. Many procedures require patients to stay away from direct sunlight. The cooler months where the Sun is not as visible is ideal for this.

Top Procedures Performed During Winter Are:


Spring Months

Many people are preparing for the Summer months that are just around the corner. In order to be bikini ready and look great for the Wedding season, patients turn to cosmetic procedures. Spring is a good time to get cosmetic procedures because there are a lot of long weekends to recuperate. Plus, it gives patients time to lose any holiday weight, so they are at optimal health to undergo surgery.

Top Procedures Performed During Spring Are:

Summer Months

The summer is the least popular time of year to get a surgical procedure done. This is because it’s hot, many people have vacations, and they want to spend time outdoors. If you’re okay with spending time indoors, then you can still opt for a Summer surgery. For some, it’s a good option because Summer vacations provide optimal healing time.

Top Procedures Performed During Summer Are:

Fall Months

Fall is a good time to get plastic surgery done. The kids go back to school so parents can have more free time. It also starts to get colder out so bulkier clothing helps to conceal any swelling, bruising, and scars. Plus, getting surgery in the Fall leaves the Summer and Winter open to enjoy.

Top Procedures Performed During Fall Are:

Schedule a Consultation

If you want a surgical procedure done but don’t know when the right time for you is, talk to Dr. Nakamura. During your consultation with him at Accent On You, he will listen to your goals, concerns, and examine your health history to recommend the best time of year for your procedure. To start planning your plastic surgery, schedule a consultation at Accent On You by calling at (817) 417-7200 or fill out our online form.

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