The Hottest Plastic Surgery Trends in Body Sculpting

Posted on Nov 21,2019 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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At Accent On You, our staff likes to stay up to date on the latest updates in the cosmetics and plastic surgery field. New data that was released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has revealed that cosmetic procedures are on the rise. In 2018 there were nearly a quarter-million more cosmetic procedures performed than in 2017. The stats also reveal that more and more people are opting for body-shaping procedures.

Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures

  1. Breast Augmentation
  2. Liposuction
  3. Nose Reshaping
  4. Eyelid Surgery
  5. Tummy Tuck

Body Sculpting

As you can see, three of the top five surgical procedures focus on the body. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a continuous increase in all three. In 2018, there were more than 12,000 more liposuction procedures performed than in 2017. Also, at Accent On You, we have seen surges in other body sculpting procedures like buttock augmentations and thigh lifts.

Liposuction has always been and continues to be the gold standard in body contouring. It is versatile, efficient, and effective. Plus, now there are so many liposuction techniques that can fit anyone’s needs and concerns. Dr. Nakamura can treat larger areas and numerous areas in one procedure.

Since body sculpting procedures have been on the rise, more and more techniques have been innovated to address each patient and their needs. At Accent On You, we offer many different options for patients who have problem areas that they want to address. The body sculpting procedures we offer are:

We don’t just offer surgical options. We also offer non-surgical methods to help patients reach their goals without a complex procedure.

How Surgical and Non-Surgical Methods Work Together

Whether you want a surgical procedure or are looking for a non-surgical option, at Accent On You, we can help you to explore all of the available options. Often, we can combine surgical and non-surgical options for you to give you amazing results. For example, performing liposuction with fat grafting.  A lot of our patients choose methods like these to get optimal results.

About the ASPS Statistics

You may be wondering how ASPS get their information. Well, members of ASPS report their procedural information through a national database. Then they find trends in the latest procedures. At Accent On You, we are able to do the same. We watch the trends of procedures that our patients are getting. This helps us to know what our patients are looking for in terms of cosmetic change.

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Body sculpting procedures are on the rise and have been for years. At Accent On You, we help patients get their ideal contours through our body sculpting methods. If you are looking for an improvement in any area, then talk to Dr. Nakamura during an in-person consultation. To make an appointment, contact by calling or filling out an online form.

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