Turning That Frown Upside Down

Posted on Jul 01,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXFrown lines are one of the more prominent facial characteristics of aging that can have a big impact on self esteem and confidence. While many fine lines around the eyes and forehead can be cosmetically erased through foundations and collagen replacement creams, these deeper creases about the mouth pose a more difficult challenge.

All wrinkles form from a combination of the loss of skin elasticity and repetitive motions of the facial muscles. However, as a person ages, these deeper creases are also related to a reduction of muscle tone that happens as a part of the natural aging process. Since a majority of the muscles of the face are located in the cheeks and around the mouth, sagging and creasing in these areas can be more pronounced than in other areas.

Natural Facelifts

Although all of these muscles are used to create facial expressions, not all of them are used to the same extent. One way to look at this is in terms of fitness. Even if you were to consistently work on your biceps, you can still end up with flabby, underdeveloped triceps, since the arm is not being built up evenly. With facial muscles, the same principle applies, and this can lead to deep frown lines, even if you smile a lot.

One way to keep these muscles toned is to actively engage in facial exercises. This can be as simple as making a variety of uncommon expressions in the mirror, or it can be more disciplined, such as practicing the Lion Face Pose from Yoga. Whatever method you choose, engaging in the practice for at least five to ten minutes a day can help to build tone.

For further help, Accent on You offers Dysport injections which can greatly help in erasing frown lines. This variation of the popular botulinum strain will create lift by fixing the facial muscles in an isotonic state, but unlike other injections of this type, it does not generate the same rigidity. This gives you a naturally youthful appearance that can also keep the facial muscles supple.

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