Deep Pore Facials Are More Than Skin Deep

Posted on Jul 08,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Facials in Dallas Fort Worth, TXIt is generally understood by most people that clean skin can help to preserve youthful appearances. However, different types of cleansers that are used on the face can sometimes be more detrimental, due to a combination of chemicals and even naturally based ingredients that are used, but also due to individual differences in body chemistry. This can create some considerations when looking at the products that you use on your skin every day.

Clean Or Cleansed

One thing to be aware of is that all soaps are essentially a combination of some form of fat and a base. Different proportions of these main ingredients can make regular soap either drying to the skin from the corrosiveness of the base, or clogging to the pores because of the fat. This applies even to soaps with natural ingredients.

Another issue that can often cause skin problems comes from the natural shape of the pores, which is essentially like a teardrop that is open at the top. Make-up, dirt, and even environmental pollutants can easily get trapped in these openings, as this detritus will often settle into the lower bulb of the pore. Even when washing your face, it is possible to clean the surface, without truly purging the pores.

Deep pore facials are an ideal part of your beauty regimen, and should be done at least once a month if not every two weeks, in order to purge your pores and give your skin the chance to breathe and lubricate naturally. These treatments will often also help to clear up conditions such as cystic acne, blackheads, and even patchy dryness on combination skin. The reason is that the cleanse allows the skin to rebalance on its own, and return to your ideal pH level that helps to protect against microbes and other infectious agents.

Maintaining Beauty

Accent on You also offers SkinCeuticals cleansers and facial care that can help you maintain your skin just from the spa glow in between visits. These formulations are not harsh or clogging like regular soaps and will also encourage the proper skin balance for your physiology. By filling out the contact form, you can receive more information on product lines that are best suited to your skin, or you can schedule an appointment for a Deep Pore Facial treatment and professional skincare consultation.

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