Water Is Your Most Important Beauty Product

Posted on Aug 26,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXAt Accent on You, we completely realize the importance of water, and not only when it comes to your physical health. Your entire beauty regimen can be transformed by simply drinking enough water, and you can be amazed at just what proper hydration may do for your skin. From anti-aging properties, to simply a better complexion, that simple clear liquid coming from your tap can help you to embrace a younger looking and more beautiful you!

Dried out skin is skin that is prone to wrinkles, as dry skin doesn’t have the same type of elasticity as skin that is properly moisturized or hydrated. Rather than reaching on the shelf for that bottle of moisturizer multiple times a day, the best and most natural way to increase the moisture level in your skin is by drinking enough water. When you stay properly hydrated, not only is elasticity improved, but your skin is able to be properly “plumped” by its newfound hydration, allowing any lines or signs of aging to completely disappear in the most natural way.

Your skin, like any other organ in the body, will need its fair share of nutrients as well, and water is the natural nutrient carrier for the body. Even if you fill your diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals, these may not be able to reach your skin effectively due to a lack of hydration, so the benefits you’re looking to achieve may become lost. When you make sure to drink plenty of water, however, these nutrients can reach all organs, including the skin, and allow the health and beauty benefits of your diet to show through in a really amazing way.

Water also provides a great deal of help when it comes to a healthy natural complexion and glow, and this can be done easily as you play with water temperatures. Cool water tends to close pores, while warm water opens them up, allowing you to show your healthy glow naturally. One trick to try is to wash your face only using warm water, so that the nutrients and skin health benefitting ingredients in your cleansers or moisturizers can reach deep within an open pore, allowing you to maximize the benefits of your facial products.

At Accent on You, we love that water creates such a simple way to benefit your skin, and if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of water, or book an appointment with us, fill out our form and reach out to us to see how your skin can look even better!

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