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Posted on Oct 28,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXAt Accent on You, we’re having a holiday event this November on the 13th at our cosmetic surgical center. In an effort to bring you the complete holiday party experience, we’ll be serving up great food and cocktails as our professionals share with you some demonstrations for our multitude of products and services. Not only will you be able to take advantage of great food and fun, but we’ll also be offering special pricing for the day as a way to say thanks for coming out and celebrating with us!

One demonstration we’ll be showing off is our cool sculpting, and this can help you to get to know this service just a little bit better. Our cool sculpting is used to help you to rid your body of stubborn fat in a way that is comfortable, easy, and comes along with minimal side effects. Because cool sculpting is something that our clients get excited over at Accent on You, we want you to get better acquainted with this service so you can see just how it can work to give you your ideal sculpted figure!

Another service we’ll be demonstrating is our micropen treatment, and this is a treatment that not only helps to curb the signs of aging, but it can also help you to get rid of those pesky acne marks as well. While we all know we’re not supposed to bother with our acne, it usually happens at one point or another in our lives, and this scarring doesn’t have to remain permanent. With micropen treatments, your past acne marks or scars can remain in the past once and for all!

Lastly, we’ll also be demonstrating a number of our injection treatments, and these can range from botox to a variety of injectable fillers. These injection treatments are made to help you to look years younger by providing filler and stopping the process that causes fine lines and wrinkles, and we hope that our demonstrations make the entire process more understood and inviting to all of our clients.

At Accent on You, our annual holiday party is set to run from 10am to 6pm, and you can come and go as you please throughout the entire course of the event. The party date is November the 13th of 2014, and we hope to see you all there! If you wish to attend, simply contact us at Accent on You to learn more and see what our annual party may have to offer for you!

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