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Posted on Oct 22,2020 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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After the summer season, everyone’s complexion needs a little reboot to get their skin ready for the cooler autumn days ahead. At Accent On You, our team can help you achieve your best skincare yet in readiness for the new season. Here are some of our favorite best tips for changing up your skincare regimen.

Exfoliate Away Damage

One of the best things you can do for your complexion is to exfoliate away dry, dead skin cells, and grime. You can use gentle physical exfoliation with a facial sponge or soft washcloth to improve circulation, unclog pores, remove bacteria, and leave behind smooth, radiant skin. Additionally, chemical exfoliation can be a great way to reach deep into your skin and avoid irritation from scrubs. These usually include active ingredients like AHAs and BHAs which can boost your cell turnover and get rid of sun damage.

Invest in Vitamin C

After the strong summer rays and heat have leveled off, it’s common for your skin to have a blotchy appearance and show dryness, with fine lines and wrinkles being more apparent. Our team can recommend the right Vitamin C serum to help balance skin tone, encourage collagen production, brighten your complexion, and halt inflammation after sun exposure. It’s important to always use this L-ascorbic acid-based topical during your nighttime routine to rewind sun damage and neutralize free radicals.

Don’t Skip Your Eyes

Don’t skip on eye cream no matter your age. Having a separate treatment for the thin, dry, and delicate skin around the eyes is essential. In fact, your eyes are the first feature to show wrinkling and sun damage, so it’s important to wear eye cream at night to soften any fine lines or wrinkles and to keep the sensitive skin nourished, especially if you tend to sleep with a fan running or have a dry sleeping environment. Look for ingredients like retinol or hyaluronic acid to deliver suppleness and firming.

Book A Professional Facial

Here at Accent On You, we believe radiant, clear, youthful skin only comes with the best in professional-grade skincare treatments. That’s because you get the latest and best in specially-tailored treatments based on your individual skin type and condition. Options like chemical peels or microdermabrasion can be some of the most effective ways to reduce damage and rejuvenate your skin for the season ahead. These options produce real, noticeable results with the help of our professional skincare team.

Schedule a Consultation

During a consultation at our Arlington office, we can recommend the best in skincare products and treatments for you and your goals. To meet with our team and get started, we invite you to contact us by calling or filling out our online form.

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