Refreshing Recipes That Make Your Skin Smile

Posted on Jul 15,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXWith summer already here, many people are looking for ways to stay energized and healthy through the heat. Water is always important, especially when you are sweating more, as your cells release many toxins and need pure replenishment. This is also important to your skin, since it is actually the largest detoxification organ of the body, and plenty of hydration, both internally and externally, will help you look your best as well as function optimally.

For those who want an alternative for just plain water, some simple and refreshing drinks can keep you feeling cool and give your kin an added boost with necessary nutrients.

Cucumber Mint Refresher

• Juice from half a lemon
• Four to six slices of cucumber
• Bundle of fresh mint, or 4 oz. of mint tea
• Two teaspoons of honey
• Pint of water

Simply mix all of the ingredients and let the mixture chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour to ensure proper infusing. Lemon is high in vitamin C which will brighten skin tone, while cucumber contains quercetin, which can reduce puffiness and inflammation. The mint is naturally cooling, but will also help to soothe tension which can further smooth out fine lines. Honey is highly nutritive and will allow skin cells to repair more quickly.

Watermelon Revival

• Two cups pureed watermelon
• Three sprigs of cilantro
• One cup of coconut water
• Pint of water

Puree the watermelon in a blender first, and then add the coconut water. Stir this into a pint of water along with the cilantro. Chill for half an hour or more. This mix is high in electrolytes from both the watermelon and the coconut water, and these help the body to flush out toxins and replace them with beneficial cell salts. Cilantro is known to boost the immune response and has good anti-oxidant properties that can combat aging.

Blueberry Booster

• Half pint of mashed blueberries
• 8 oz of nettle tea
• 8 oz of oat straw tea
• 8 oz of lemon balm tea
• Up to a pint of water to taste

One method to make this tasty drink is to brew the herbal teas separately and then mix everything together with the blueberries. This mixture will then be diluted with pure water to your own taste preferences. Another method is to infuse all the herbs in a pint of water and brew as a sun tea, by leaving the mixture in closed, clear glass container in direct sunlight for at least six hours. Strain the herbs from the liquid and then stir in the blueberries. The sun tea method can often taste lighter and more invigorating, but either method will give you the same properties. All the herbs are high in nutrients, especially in silicates, which are integral to cell structure and can add firmness to the skin. Blueberries are high in anti-oxidants, bioflavonoids, and enzymes which allow cells to make better use of the nutrients they need.

Along with these summer treats, good skin care is also essential to keep skin looking fresh and young. Accent on You offers both surgical and spa treatments that can further keep you looking firm and vibrant. You can fill out the information form for more tips about skincare and staying youthful through updates with our mailing list, or book an invigorating spa treatment with us today.

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