Tips for Skincare During the Summer Months

Posted on Aug 14,2017 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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The summer can be a hot and damaging season, especially for your skin. Proper skin care is essential year-round but giving your skin some extra love during the harsh summer months is always a bright idea.

Tip 1: Stay Hydrated!

It is a common misconception that staying hydrated has nothing to do with your skin. It does, indeed, have everything to do with the rejuvenation of the skin. To keep your skin looking healthy and to gain that “summer shimmer,” it is best to keep that water bottle filled and by your side as much as possible.

Tip 2: Sunglasses!

It is true that oversized sunglasses are in again this year, with the likes of Kendal Jenner and Kim Kardashian sporting their large shades. Even aviator styles are rounder and bigger this year. All of this is great news for your eyes. Prolonged UV exposure can redden the whites of eyes, just as the sun can burn skin. Over time, this can cause eye problems, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Sunglasses are an essential part of your summer skincare routine.

Tip 3: Wear A Hat!

If you tend to garden or just hang out in the sun for multiple hours a day, it is recommended you wear sun protection, such as a hat. Our hair is not the best scalp sun protection, but a hat provides total coverage. Hats can be fashionable, so pick one up next time you’re downtown or at your favorite store.

Tip 4: Sunscreen, Always!

Sunscreen is required in more instances than when you are hanging out at the beach or by the lake. Sunscreen should be used daily as it not only hydrates your skin but protects you from sunburn and skin cancer. The average high temperature in Arlington and Dallas Fort Worth this summer is expected to be 100+ degrees, which means plenty of sunshine, so be sure you’re protected in more ways than one.

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