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Posted on Apr 25,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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At Accent on You in Arlington, Texas, we understand that as life progresses time and stress are not always forgiving on our facial features or physique. There are plenty of spas offering services that would fit you into a particular cookie-cutter mold. However, at Accent on You, with our professional eye and years of experience, we can see and envision the beauty that is underneath. Our goal is to appreciate your beauty and find a service for you that would complement the structure or frame of your natural composition – not completely alter your beauty while forsaking your unique physical identity. Along with our professional touch, you will receive quality care before, during and after your treatment or procedure.

Medi-Spa in Arlington, Texas: Dr. Nakamura

Dr. Nakamura is a recognized expert in plastic surgery and body contouring. With over 21 years of experience, he has provided excellent service and achieved remarkable outcomes. His approach goes above and beyond your average surgeon as he provides each patient with a personalized and attentive experience. Furthermore, he is on-site at Accent on You. In other words, if you have a question or an issue, you can simply call our office and the nurses will either answer your questions directly, if appropriate, or ask Dr. Nakamura who is only steps away. Also, with his years of experience, he is well capable and extremely knowledgeable to thoroughly explain and provide comprehensive information about any procedure you are entertaining. You will have ample amount of time and material to make a decision that is best for you and your aesthetic goals.

Medi-Spa in Arlington, Texas: Patient Care Specialists

At Accent on You, our medi-spa in Arlington, Texas, we have five remarkable patient care specialists with over 50 years of cosmetic surgery experience whose primary goal is to make sure your experience is a pleasurable one. They understand the choices you may be given are not ones that would call for a hasty decision. Thus, they will further explain or answer any questions you may have to assure you that your decision is a confident one.  With their amiable care, they provide a comfortable and safe environment to help you process your choices.

Medi-Spa in Arlington, Texas: RN’s and Operating Room Staff

Your personal care, support and safety receive primary attention from our personal staff. At all times, our office will be managed by at least five, whom have all been specially trained in plastic surgery, nurses to attend to your specific needs. With their background and knowledge, it perfectly complements Dr. Nakamura to provide optimal surgery results.

Medi-Spa in Arlington, Texas: Medi-Spa Staff

The medi-spa staff at Accent on You is equipped with extensive training and experience. You will be happy to know that the nurse aesthetician is well known for her injecting expertise as well as her laser treatment knowledge. As a token of our appreciation for your interest to pursue your aesthetic goals at Accent on You, our medi-spa staff will provide a complimentary Medi-Spa consultation. We will, then, customize a treatment program to best suite your needs.

Visit Us

If you are currently searching for a medi-spa or perhaps curious about the potential aesthetic enhancements our state-of-the-art facility and team of professionals could offer you, call Accent on You at 817-417-7200. Feel free to also take advantage of Dr. Nakamura’s free consultations that he offers on Wednesdays or a free consultation with a staff member of our medi-spa. Simply, call us and we will be happy to set an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon at Accent on You

Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura is a recognized expert in plastic surgery and body contouring, providing excellent care while taking a personal approach with each and every patient.

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