Tummy Tucks Get You On Board With The Skinny Jeans Trend

Posted on Nov 11,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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The skinny jeans trend is showing no signs of stopping, and for those who may have a little extra where it’s not wanted, this can lead to a great deal of anxiety. There is nothing that takes the style element of a sleek pair of skinnies down like the dreaded “muffin top” look, and we at Accent on You want to provide you with a solution that will allow you to look chic in your new fall wardrobe! Our tummy tuck procedures will not only help you to get rid of that pouch of unwanted excess skin and fat, it can help to tighten your abdominal muscles as well, giving you the silhouette you’ve always dreamed of no matter what you may be wearing!

For women who have recently had a baby, getting rid of that last little bit of pregnancy weight or loose skin can be a huge challenge. In these instances, our tummy tuck procedures are particularly beneficial, as they will allow you to see the results you’ve been working so hard for. While you may have successfully helped your body to get back in shape, loose skin might be hiding your results, but this skin can finally be a thing of the past with this one very helpful procedure.

Our tummy tucks are better known as abdominoplasty in the medical world, and all of our procedures are performed by our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Y. Anthony Nakamura. The surgery will begin with a horizontal incision going from one hip bone to the next, and perhaps around the navel, as your excess fat and skin from the area is removed. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be left with the flat and shapely look you’ve always wanted, and one that is perfect for showing off your skinny jeans this season.

The recovery process after a tummy tuck procedure may come along with some discomfort, but it isn’t anything that our clients typically can’t handle relatively easily. One week after your surgery, you’ll also receive a post-op checkup to ensure everything meets your complete satisfaction.

If you want to schedule a consultation for a tummy tuck, simply contact us at Accent on You to get started today!

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