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Posted on Oct 14,2014 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXWhile many women have daily skin care rituals that they may swear by, it can be important to realize that the body goes through seasonal changes, just like the weather. This is generally caused by a combination of neuro-chemical reactions to the differences in light and in temperature. During these transitional stages, the body is not only adapting to the external environment, but also making sure that internal physiology is set to handle the seasonal differences.

As a result, fall is a time when the body will naturally go through a purge, in order to readjust for the colder weather. Since the skin is the largest detoxifying organ on the body, many women will notice this shift, especially on facial skin. Combined with that, the changes in temperature and dryer air conditions will also alter the skin’s need for different care and nutrients.


Cleansing And Nurturing

At the beginning of the fall season, many women may notice that they have some blemishes, and even oiliness that they do not consider normal. This is a perfect example of this detoxification in action, and can be helped with gentle cleansers such as SkinCeuticals or Glytone, which will help to open the pores without causing undue dryness. These products can be especially beneficial when used after a facial steam, as this helps to further purge while still retaining the necessary natural moisture of the cells.

This adjustment period of detoxification can vary, depending upon a woman’s metabolism, her lifestyle, and levels of activity, so it can be important to also pay attention to when the skin needs some extra nourishment. It not only helps to revitalize the face after this cleansing phase is over, but the cooler, dryer weather can also rob the skin of moisture and glow. Using light daytime creams or mineral make-ups such as Jane Iredale can serve the dual purpose of lengthening summertime color as well as supporting the skin cells themselves with nutrients.


Practical Applications

Along with daily care routines and mineral make-up, we would also like to mention some basic considerations that can keep your skin glowing. Although bundling up against cool winds seems like common sense, many women forget that the delicate skin on the face may still be exposed to these elements. Shielding the face with a light silk scarf or a turned up collar can take much of the brunt of the wind, and keep your skin looking fresh and vital.

It can also be important to recognize differences in temperature changes that happen indoors. Central heating can be extremely drying, so it can be wise to turn the heat down by a degree or so at night. This allows your skin cells to take advantage of the natural time to rejuvenate, without having to fight against re-circulating heat in the home.

For products that will keep your skin looking vibrant throughout the fall changes, we invite you to visit our website. Accent on You also offers spa services and treatments that will leave you glowing, and by booking an appointment today, you will be ready to face any season of the year.

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