Are You a Good Candidate for A Mommy Makeover?

Posted on Sep 30,2021 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Many factors play into a person’s desire to undergo cosmetic surgery, especially in the case of a mommy makeover: recovery time, cost, potential results, and perhaps most importantly, how others will perceive the change. When it comes to feeling unsure about whether you can benefit from a mommy makeover’s transformative surgical plan, rest assured that Dr. Nakamura and the whole team here at Accent On You are here to help you understand exactly what to expect, and whether you’re well-suited for the procedure

It is essential to understand how the whole makeover process is to be handled. You’ll be empowered both before the procedure and after you’re done with recovery. Let’s find out what makes up the perfect candidate for a mommy makeover.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for the Makeover?

There are a few criteria that an ideal mommy makeover candidate should have to ensure the procedure can be handled safely and will get the results desired. These include:

  • Being at a stable weight, close to your goal weight, less than 35 BMI (keep in mind this is not a weight-loss surgery)
  • Not smoking, at least for an extended period before and after the procedure
  • Not currently breastfeeding or have not breast fed for at least 6 months

We understand that different people seek out mommy makeover procedures for different reasons. For example, some want to get rid of the post-baby appearance of sagging abdominal skin or “deflated” breasts. Others are seeking the most efficient way to enhance their upper body contour, with a mommy makeover combined with liposuction.

Which is the Most Suitable Time for Mommy Makeovers?

Good candidates for mommy makeovers schedule their surgery for a time of the year in which the recovery period is easier and their lifestyle is least interrupted. This includes factoring in questions, such as:

  • Do you prefer to recover when the weather is cool such that you’ll wear clothes that cover the bandages?
  • Do you have family members available to assist with childcare if necessary?
  • Is there a time childcare is not needed, such as during a summer camp?
  • Are there strategic times to take off work to take advantage of certain holidays?
  • Do you expect a slow season at the workplace any time?

Scheduling the procedure in a convenient time makes the recovery process that much easier, ensuring you have the mental and physical capacity to focus on healing, not how many emails you’re going back to at work.

Mommy Makeovers in Arlington, TX

The best way to learn about whether you’re in the right mindset and have the right concerns to undergo mommy makeover surgery is to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon who provides mommy makeovers in your area. If you in or around the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are looking for a way to transform your curves and skin through surgery, now is the best time to talk to Dr. Anthony Nakamura. Schedule your consultation with him by calling our office or contacting us online today.

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