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Posted on May 02,2022 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Have you been considering a plastic surgery breast procedure, but still have some questions? Today there are many different procedures available, and, depending on your personal preference and needs, you can increase the size and volume of your breasts, lift your breasts or even have them reduced. At Accent On You, the sky’s the limit! Read on to learn more about what’s offered and decide what procedure is right for you.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation ranks as perhaps the most popular cosmetic breast surgery option. If you are dissatisfied with the size of your breasts, augmentation can enhance them and increase their size with implants. Women who have very small breasts or who have lost volume due to pregnancy and breastfeeding are prime candidates for the procedure.

If you choose breast augmentation, you will have a consultation to discuss your options and expectations. You can choose the type and size of the implant and learn what’s appropriate for your body type. We will work with you to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is a procedure that raises the breasts when there’s an issue of sagging. It can also correct the issue of drooping and nipples that point downward. Women who are in overall good health who don’t smoke and who are done having children are the best candidates for this surgery. You can be left with perky, more youthful breasts after your procedure.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Some women choose to undergo a breast lift with augmentation. This combines breast lift surgery with breast implants. In other words, when you have this procedure, you can have your breasts lifted and enlarged at the same time. This is the right option for women who have a problem with sagging, drooping breasts that have also lost volume due to weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In order for the procedure to be a success both health-wise and results-wise, it’s important to be in good overall health and be a non-smoker. Breast lift with augmentation is a highly popular cosmetic surgery procedure that can give you a more feminine figure and restore your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that is often necessary for women who have very large breasts. If a woman regularly experiences issues such as back, shoulder, or neck pain, it can significantly impact the quality of her life. A breast reduction can address those problems and make your breasts smaller to the point where you can manage to walk, stand, sit and lie down without aches and pains.

To be a good candidate for this surgery, it’s important to be a non-smoker, be in good overall health and have a healthy body mass index or BMI. If you are considered overweight or obese, it’s advised to reach your goal weight before undergoing a breast reduction. You should also retain your goal weight after the procedure as your breasts could become larger if you gain too much weight after having the surgery.

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