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Posted on Jan 13,2015 By Dr. Y Anthony Nakamura

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Plastic Surgery in Dallas Fort Worth, TXBusy lifestyles can often lead to nutrient deficiencies through a number of avenues.  While one factor that can always impact how well the body is functioning is actual eating habits, this can often be compounded by daily routines.  People do realize that eating well can greatly impact how much energy a person has, but it can also influence appearance for both body shape and skin texture.  For this reason, many individuals do make a point of taking vitamin supplements in order to account for any deficiencies.

Another major factor that is also related to eating habits has to do with how much energy a person is expending throughout the day.  This can include late hours without enough rest, trying to do far too much in a day, and even excessive exercising.  As a result, the body is metabolizing more nutrients than are actually available, and this can also impact overall levels of energy and appearance.

The B12 Benefit

From a physiological standpoint, Vitamin B12 is necessary for health cell function, and ensures that body tissue is able to regenerate and to operate efficiently.  This also means that it is vitally important for the quality of skin, hair, and nails, with deficiencies of this nutrient contributing to lackluster appearance and slower rejuvenation.  While oral supplementation can improve the levels of B12 in the body, absorption of the nutrient through the stomach lining is slower and can mean that less of this nutrient actually gets to the cells where it is needed.

For this reason, B12 injections can give people an instant does of energy that is immediately felt, and can also offer longer term benefits for overall function and appearance.  This is because B12 injections do not need to rely upon digestive absorption to get into the bloodstream, but are instantly being carried by the blood cells as soon as the injection is administered.

While the most prevalent effects of B12 are the increased energy levels that are felt, this vitamin injection can also give a number of other positive results.

• Stress reduction – since appropriate energy production is being fostered by good cellular metabolism, feelings such as anxiety, sluggishness, and fatigue are also greatly reduced.
• Improved memory – this is another factor of better cellular function, since the body is able to process nutrients in a way that makes them bioavailable to all organs.
• Better circulation – this is both a function of metabolism and the manner in which B12 can boost oxygen capacity for blood cells.
• Weight loss – as the body is able to convert sugars more effectively, people will also find that they have less cravings since the blood sugar remains balanced.
• Brighter skin quality – better cell metabolism also means that the tissues of the body are able to regenerate with ease.  This results in better skin tone and quality, and also improves the appearance of hair and nails.

People who are interested in experiencing this full body pick me up that a B12 injection can give should contact Accent On You and fill out the form for a consultation today.  This will not only give individuals the opportunity to experience the immediate boost from the vitamin injection, but will also give people the chance to explore other procedures that can afford rejuvenating and revitalizing effects.


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